Sunday, February 22, 2009

The health effects of indoor mold exposure

This segment outlines the 3 levels of health effects of mold exposure.

Experts featured on the series:

Barbara Sue Bolin -- Aerotech Laboratories
Janice Jones -- Aerotech Laboratories
Industrial hygienists
Daniel Bridge PhD CIH -- Rimkus Consulting, TX
Geoffrey Clark -- PE Service, TX
Stuart Salot PhD CIH -- CTL Environmental Services, CA
Richard Krentz CIH -- Sterling & Associates, CA
Kyle Dotson CIH, CSP, PE -- Dotson Group, TX
Remediation experts
Bob Krell -- IAQ Technologies, NY
John Lausevic -- PGCC, CA,
Tom Sandoval -- Marcor Environmental, CA

Dr. Eckert Johanning -- NY
Vince Torres -- University of Texas, TX
Bruce Ferguson -- EnviroLogix, ME
Kathy Lauckner -- University of Nevada, Las Vegas, NV
Vincent Miller PhD -- Aerotech Laboratories
David C. Straus, Ph.D. -- Texas Tech University

Non-profit Organizations

Indoor Environmental Standards Organization- David Fetveit

Tom Allen -- Aerotech Laboratories
Conchita Miller PhD -- Aerotech Laboratories
Wendy Aber -- Aerotech Laboratories
Darren Huff -- Aerotech Laboratories (Precision Analytical Division)
Charlie Wiles -- American Indoor Air Quality Council
Russell Nassof -- Environomics, AZ
Franco Seif -- Clark Seif Clark, CA
Richard Scarborough -- Environmental Inspections & Solutions, CA
Steve Showalter -- Building Specs, MD
Richard Shaughnessy PhD -- University of Tulsa, OK
Senator Ortiz, CA
Senator Fraser, TX
Senator Jackson, TX
Steve Henning -- Wood, Smith Henning & Berman, CA
Ed Cross -- Law Office of Edward H Cross & Associates, CA

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This video clearly presents a very conservative unbiased scientific view of scientific community's views on the health effects of mold in indoor environments.

Some feel the effects are worse, some don't think mold is dangerous at all. This video represents the general consensus opinion of those who are qualified in the subject.

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