Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bio-Tag Short-list for NL

Here is the Bio-Tag short list for the NL installment. The following data comes from the's website, translated with Google. We need to now verify this list.

"Dutch companies contribute to that chemical pollution. It makes Broomchemie in Terneuzen brominated flame retardants, produces PFW Chemicals (Barneveld) and synthetic muskverbindingen makes Exxon phthalates in the Rijnmond....

[Here is their broader list]

1. In many of our electronic household appliances are brominated flame retardants, which prevent the products quickly and ignites uitbranden.

2. In vinyl, electricity cables and cosmetics are phthalates (plasticizers). These are among others used to make soft PVC.

3. The most commonly used organotin in consumer products are in products such as PVC pipes, panels, wall coverings, linoleum and toys.

4. Synthetic Muskverbindingen be used for cosmetics and cleaning products in their odours.

5. Alkylphenols are in plastics, industrial cleaning agents and pesticides. But also in cosmetics, shampoos and grooming products.

6. Perfluorverbindingen sit in anti-aanbakpannen (Teflon) and water repellent coatings for carpets, textiles, leather, paper and cardboard.

7. Bisphenol-A is in CDs, reusable bottles (as waterkoelers and babyflessen), mobile phones, safety glass, windshields for motors, medical devices and roof elements.

8. Antimoonverbindingen are widely used for fireproofing their properties. They are in electronics, children's clothing, toys and upholstery of car seats.

9. Beryllium is a lot of electronics, both in consumer and industrial applications (space and aeronautics, defense industry).

10. PVC is widely used in building materials such as cables, window frames, doors, walls, wainscoting, water and afvalwaterpijpen. In house is often in the PVC flooring, wall coverings, window blinds and shower curtains. PVC is widely used in consumer products such as computers, TVs, credit cards, imitatieleer, plates, furniture and toys."

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