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The Food Safety Network

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The Food Safety Network

Many federal, state, and local agencies work together to monitor food safety. The responsibilities of each of the agencies are described in Food Safety: A Team Approach and in the U.S. Food Safety System Country Report.

Federal Government Agencies

Department of Agriculture
Agricultural Research Service
Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service (CSREES)
Economic Research Service
Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS)
Food Safety Information Center (NAL)
Food and Nutritional Service WIC Program
Food and Drug Administration
Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition
Center for Veterinary Medicine
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Division of Bacterial and Mycotic Diseases
Environmental Health Services
National Center for Infectious Diseases
Environmental Protection Agency
National Center for Environmental Assessment
Office of Pesticide Programs
Office of Water
For additional federal agencies, see Food Safety: A Team Approach.

Federal Government/Private Sector Partnerships

National Food Safety Education Month
Partnership for Food Safety Education (Fight BAC!)
State and Local Government Agencies

Overall Listing of State, County, and Territory Agencies
State and Territorial Health Agencies
State, County, and City Government Consumer Protection Offices
State Health Agencies
State Departments of Public Health and Agriculture

Food Safety Program, Department of Public Health

Department of Environmental Conservation

Food Safety and Environmental Services, Department of Health Services
Maricopa County Environmental Health Services Division

Department of Health

Department of Food and Agriculture
Department of Health Services - Food Safety Program
Kings County Division of Environmental Health Services
Seafood Network Information Program

Consumer Protection Division
Colorado Cooperative Extension Service Food and Nutrition Online

Bureau of Aquaculture & Laboratory Services
Department of Consumer Protection, Food and Standards Division
Department of Public Health, Food Protection Program
Connecticut Cooperative Extension Service

Food Safety (Health and Social Services)
Delaware Dept. of Agriculture Food Products Inspection

District of Columbia
Bureau of Food, Drug, and Radiation Protection

Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Division of Food Safety
Department of Business and Professional Regulations, Division of Hotels and Restaurants
Department of Health, Division of Environmental Health, Food Hygiene Program

Department of Agriculture, Consumer Protection - Food Safety
Georgia Cooperative Extension, University of Georgia, Food Safety Publications
Division of Public Health, Environmental Health (See Programs - Food Service)

Environmental Health Administration Food and Drug Branch

Department of Health & Welfare, Food Protection Program

Department of Public Health, Division of Food, Drugs and Dairies

Indiana Cooperative Extension Service: Foods and Nutrition
Department of Health, Food Protection Program
Marion County Health Department, Foodborne Disease Prevention

Department of Inspections and Appeals, Food and Consumer Safety
Iowa Cooperative Extension Service Food Safety Project

Department of Agriculture, Division of Food Safety
Department of Health and Environment
Kansas Cooperative Extension Service

Department for Publich Health, Cabinet for Health and Family Services, Food Safety,

Center for Environmental Health, Sanitarian Services, Food and Drug Program
Office of Public Health

Department of Agriculture, Food and Rural Resources, Quality Assurance and Regulations

Division of Food Control, Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

Department of Public Health Food Protection Program
Massachusetts Cooperative Extension Service Food Safety Program

Department of Agriculture, Food Safety
Michigan Cooperative Extension

Minnesota Cooperative Extension Service
Minnesota Food Safety Center (MN Department of Health)
Department of Health Food Supply Safety and Security

Mississippi Cooperative Extension Service Food Safety
Mississippi Department of Health

Department of Public Health and Human Services Food and Consumer Safety

New Hampshire
Watershed Management Bureau Shellfish Program

New Jersey
Department of Health and Senior Services, Food and Milk Program

New York
Department of Health Food Handling, Preparation, and Storage

North Carolina
North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service Food Safety Information Retrieval System

North Dakota
North Dakota Cooperative Extension Service Food, Food Safety and Nutrition Website
North Dakota Cooperative Extension Service Food Safety and Substitutions

Department of Agriculture, Division of Food Safety

Department of Human Services, Environmental Health, Food Safety

Pennsylvania Bureau of Food Safety

Rhode Island
Department of Health Office of Food Protection
Rhode Island Cooperative Extension Food Safety Education Site

South Dakota
Department of Health (South Dakota)

Environmental and Consumer Safety Section
Food Inspection and Safety (Consumer Health) (Houston Department of Health and Human Services)

Department of Agriculture and Food

Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Food Safety Programs

Seattle-King County Department of Public Health
Washington Cooperative Extension Consumer Food Safety Resource Page
Department of Health Food Safety and Shellfish Programs

Consumer Health Services, Department of Agriculture
International Agencies

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