Monday, March 30, 2009

USDA National Research Initiative (2007) / Documentary Video

Producer: USDA. United States Department of Agriculture. Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service. Partners Video Magazine. Partners 14 - National Research Initiative. The biological, environmental, and social challenges facing America as it strives to feed the nation and the world are tremendous. Partners takes a look at the NRI in its quest to tackle those and other pressing scientific issues. Entire Program (26:47). Wonders of Wheat. In California, UC-Davis scientists are unlocking the secrets of wheat by mapping its complex genome, vital information that should benefit farmers and consumers. (4:41). Wild Medicine. In Mississippi, researchers are exploring the full medicinal wonders of the Mayapple, a plant that already produces chemicals used in anti-cancer drugs. (4:55). Beating Obesity. In Hawaii, a health center combines the sale of fresh, locally-grown food with weight management intervention to help people fight obesity. (4:52). The Great Pollinators. In Illinois, scientists are learning how bees communicate with each other in hopes of saving these important plant pollinators, which are threatened by other species and bacterial infestations. (4:48). Creative Commons license: Public Domain

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